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Jaco Festekjian, MD

Jaco H. Festekjian, MD, FACS
Associate Clinical Professor

Dr. Festekjian's research focuses on clinical outcomes studies of breast reconstructions.  The goal of these studies is to determine which reconstructive technique(s) will offer individual patients the optmial outcome based on their medical history, risk factors, and co-morbidities.  Using the large volume of cases performed at UCLA as a data source, the statistics obtained from these studies will serve as a benchmark for other institutions across the country. 

Clinical Outcomes Studies:

  • DEIP vs MSFT vs FT:
    Does inclusion of muscle/more perforators confer radio-protection. It is well known that radiation has adverse effects on breast free flaps.  We are looking at whether blood flow determines the level of contraction of a flap post radiation.
  • Success rates in secondary and tertiary free flap salvage rates: 
    This study will help us guide whether it is necessary to continue to try to salvage flaps after they have been compromised.  It is study of cost efficiency and patient safety.
  • Fatigue and microsurgical careers:
    We are assessing factors in the longevity of microsurgical careers.
  • Breast reconstruction in the obese patient:
    This study will help us determine whether it is safer to delay reconstruction in the obese patient.

Recent Publications:


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